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November 15, 2007


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The assistant bangkero as he was maneuvering out the boat to our next destination. I would remember this guy as one who told his problem with his textmate when he was drunk the night before this. He told it using his native dialect but I could understand somehow what he is telling. Spending about one thousand peso for a textmate’s phone monthly credit? Poor boy. 😉


November 13, 2007

The coconut… nut…

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Above is the refreshment “designed” with a tree leaves by our guide/bangkero during our lunch at the Hidden Beach (this is different from the Secret Beach). Even without any decoration, the coconut drink straight from the fruit is just perfect for a very hot day like then.

November 11, 2007

The Secret Beach

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Above is the opening to the so-called Secret Beach in Palawan. To get there, one must swim and pass through the said opening big enough for a person to enter (and exit). The water is deep outside but once you’re inside, it’s like you have been transported to a beach. Too bad, no picture taken inside. Naturally, the camera will be damage if I would try to bring this inside with me.

Our guide says that during bad weather, it’s hard to inside the said beach. First, the entrance can’t be seen. Second, the waves.

Wow, the blog has been updated! After two months? Sorry, blog, for having neglecting you for a while. I’ll try to update you more often. I’ll just try.

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