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August 30, 2007

Snake Island, El Nido

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From one island to another, all you got to do is to enjoy the water and the sights. It’s nature at it’s best!


August 26, 2007

The Secret Lagoon

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The so-called Secret Lagoon is at the left side of the above picture. To get there, you will have to brave the strong beach waves into a very small opening to the lagoon.

We ate lunch here, we enjoyed the water, and of course had some photoshoot.

August 25, 2007

PhotoHunt: Happy

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Photo Hunt 

The Christmas party we had with the underprivileged children housed in one institution in Pasig City. This is part of the outreach program of the company I am presently working. We were there to assist and mingle with them even for just a little time. We shared food, gifts and played some games with them during the event. Even for that short period, we knew we made these children happy by the warmth and smiles they had after the gathering.

Bee Happy! This one was from last month’s double birthday celebration of a niece and a nephew.


August 24, 2007

The Big Lagoon

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Your visit to El Nido is not complete without your picture taken here. Enjoyed the water. It was cool, clean, clear. Plus the view is just breath-taking.

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