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March 28, 2007

residential building

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one of the rows of residential buildings that is commonly seen in Macau outside the city proper. heard that some old residential buildings in Macau (probably this one included) don’t have elevators. now that’s a lot of inconvenience (and exercise) for those living at higher floor areas.


March 27, 2007


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track, originally uploaded by marlster.

the race track then under construction for the 2006 Macau Grand Prix. we’re there 2 weeks before the schedule.

March 23, 2007


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buses, originally uploaded by marlster.

Buses are the cheapest and most convenient way to get around in Macau, that’s according to and i guess, it’s true.


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trikes, originally uploaded by marlster.

i guess these trikes are for tourists to ride around as i see these kinds also in another tourist spot in macau.

according to

“Pedicabs, tricycle carriage for 2 passengers, are truly a Macau special. They offer a slow relaxing way to tour Macau, which cost MOP$80-100 per hour, an expensive way to tour Macau.”

that’s really expensive!

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